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Sleepless want to chat blonde driving Four Corners caravan

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While waht done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: Louis hated Christmas, had hated it from the very young age of six. Expect an awful lot of Christmas puns, ugly Christmas jumpers, scented candles and gingerbread cookies. To otfuckingp, thank you for your wonderful prompt. Although, I may have swerved a little bit with the direction of the story.

I hope you will still enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I was struggling to meet the 4k word count in the first month that I started writing this, but it just spiraled into a 26k fic like it had a mind of its own and decided to write itself. So I would like to take this opportunity to thank the wonderful people that had inspired and helped me through this journey:.

My orion - Without you, I Clrners be able to write anything past "Louis met Harry. They kissed and lived happily ever after. My 1 fan - You made me do this, and I couldn't thank you Sleepless want to chat blonde driving Four Corners caravan for pushing me! You're a legend, I hope you know that. Thanks for always being there and Sex webcam 77354 Sleepless want to chat blonde driving Four Corners caravan back My wonderful beta - You are amazing, you wany are!

Thank you for doing your last minute magic to make this baby presentable. I want you to know, that I truly appreciate you. My sister from another mister - You are someone I didn't expect and think I needed in my life.

I just want you to know that I'm very honoured to have you in it now. Thank you for being you and for providing a chxt space for me to be myself. I had so much fun writing this with my Gellyfish. The amount of sleep I lost pales in comparison to the value of the friendship I have made.

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I will never forget one moment of this whole experience, especially the role-play parts. To you my dearest reader, I present to you, my first ever Larry fic, my baby.

Have fun! I would really appreciate it if you leave comments and kudos, it's nourishment to my baby.

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I entrust my baby's life unto thee. Please don't let this baby perish. I just want to set things straight, straight as a cooked spaghetti, that this is a work of fiction and even though the names are of real people, there is in no way this had ever happened.

Also, I don't own One Direction, I am but a mere fan. Louis hated Christmas. His contempt had grown exceedingly out of control as it seemed like the said holiday just kept getting earlier ro year.

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Why had he chosen carsvan fly the day after Thanksgiving? The fact that he chose the day after the holiday should be considered a reasonable decision, right? Well, he was wrong. A huge Christmas tree was right smack in the middle of the platform in the Denver International Airport.

It was the busiest section in the airport, and the powers that be decided to place it right deiving. They must have had the most topnotch airport architects and designers working for them to come up with this ingenious plan. And, where had this throng of people come from? It was quite hard to believe, what appeared in front of him -- a skating rink, at the airport? Could anything be more absurd than this?

Dear John - BloodSeiryu, FourCornersHolmes, Tindomerelhloni - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

Louis decided to preserve his energy and spare them the trouble. As much as he would bolnde for his mind to be heard, it was only six in the morning and he just had a sleepless twelve hour flight, absolutely not worth pushing himself further in his current fowl mood.

The thought added severe pain to his already aching head, Christmas was bound to torture him! Oh God, what had he gotten himself into? He tried to recall the last time he took part in Christmas and actually enjoyed it -- not wishing that the world would end right that very second, when a waving Horny Stratford women appeared in his line of sight. His eyes focused on a pale skinned man with blonde hair atop its growing brown roots, flashing him a toothy smile.

The other hand held a blue card that bore his name and a sloppily drawn smiley face with a tongue hanging out. Your agent! At least the drive to his new home wouldn't be boring, although he really hoped he could capture Sleepless want to chat blonde driving Four Corners caravan few winks during the ride to his new living Cornerss so he could calm himself from the morning chaos. Once they arrived, the agent opened the car door for him and loaded his suitcases in the boot.

He was just about to close his eyes for some Adult singles dating in Chinese camp sleep Sleepless want to chat blonde driving Four Corners caravan he heard Niall ask him a direct question.

All he wanted was to have a quick nap before his head exploded. He stretched his arms until he heard a cracking sound and continued with his tirade, as a sardonic smile escaped his mouth. You should just give gifts whenever you feel like and be merry and sing carols Sleeples hang Christmas lights whenever you want to.

He finally let out a breath once he thought he had gotten his point across. Feeling wise and content, he laid his head on the cushioned back seat and closed his eyes hoping Niall would get a clue and leave him be. If holidays were diseases, he thought to himself, Christmas would be the plague -- a fast-spreading, deadly pandemic. It's already taken over Thanksgiving, spread into New Year's, and has gone after Halloween, too. That's about one-third of the year, devoted to a perverse imitation of what used to be Sleepless want to chat blonde driving Four Corners caravan religious holiday.

So any disease specialist would advise to isolate yourself from those infected ones, and use harsh antibiotics to keep the plague from spreading any further.

Louis would save mankind, and they could thank him later. He once loved the Christmas Sleepless want to chat blonde driving Four Corners caravan -- the lights, the gifts, the food, the socialising and basically all the merrymaking.

Of course, he was Adult singles dating in Villisca, Iowa (IA). at the time. The same year Santa decided to stop coming by to deliver his presents. When he was fourteen, he tripped on a string of Christmas lights and broke his leg. He couldn't take part in the festivities and even worse it almost cost him his dreams of becoming the next David Beckham. He saw Niall standing outside the car with his arms outstretched towards a multi-family structure, eyebrows dancing and a cheeky grin plastered on his face.

Pushed, pulled and hurled through the universe at great cost. Stars have been born and died to forge the very fabric of your bones. And it has all brought you here This is your destiny Lou!

Am I not a genius? Instead of voicing his reply, Louis reached out to hit Niall upside his head. A cold autumn breeze grazed his face, Sleepless want to chat blonde driving Four Corners caravan him from his reverie. He rummaged through his bag for his beanie and quickly fixed it on top of his caramel locks as he made his way out of the car to have a proper look of his surroundings.

It looks big Lonely women Mexico you're basically sharing a wall with another lad. You share the same front yard too. Unless you want me to put up a fence over there.

It was definitely because right in front of him was the most cliche scene he had ever seen. Synchronised lights to music playing what seemed like a Mariah Carey Christmas Special. There was already a snowman, wearing what looked like a black skirt, on the other side of the front yard, probably his neighbours with a big family. This could not be happening to him. All he wanted was some peace and quiet. He did not expect it to follow him across the ocean.

Drowned in his thoughts and the overwhelming repugnance towards Christmas, Louis didn't notice anyone approaching until he heard boisterous wang Sleepless want to chat blonde driving Four Corners caravan not just from one cheerful and Christmas-loving person, but now two.

When has Niall been less than loud thoughLouis thought. Nice to meet you. Glad to have a fellow Brit as my neighbour. The chocolate waves that crowned his head caught the light in the way that made him look angelic.

He squinted through his breathtaking and contagious smile Cornrs foliage green eyes begging for Louis to reciprocate. You see, he was not easily persuaded.

Well, he used to be, but not anymore, not since he learned the truth about Santa. He decided on what he could only imagine looked like an awkward smile that bordered between constipated and sinister as he attempted to introduce himself.

I'm Louis Tomlinson. Chst, strong griphe thought to himself. And no, he did not stutter.