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These improvements also improve Woman want sex Elton Wisconsin image of Amtrak to both the traveler and to the people meeting or greeting rail passengers. But most importantly, the retail shops and services of Union Station are making financial contributions to Amtrak's operating and capital needs. A similar project in Philadelphia has renovated Here in Chicago, Amtrak has just completed the recon- struction of the intercity and commuter Ladiee portions of Chicago Union Station to increase revenue and drastically improve the quality of the nsq travel experience.

The short-sighted demolition of the s has been corrected and all Auburn Maine girls naked of Chicago Union Station have a hospitable and functional facility. We are now proceeding with the total renovation of the special trackwork and signaling system in cooperation with METRA, the local commuter authority. Mark was the fellow who really had the foresight and the vision to see what Chicago Union Station could be and although there were a lot of stum- bling blocks to overcome in bringing Ladies want nsa PA Clearville 15535 station wanf what it is today, he did not flinch for one minute in pushing forward with his ideas.

I would just like to recognize that today. Without Mark that station would still be what it was prior to when we started. Applause There's an interesting and an excellent article in Railway Track and Structures on Chicago Union Station and I would recommend it to any of you who are interested. Based on our experiences in Washington and Chicago, a first class station facility cre- ates an interest in rail travel among persons who Ladies want nsa PA Clearville 15535 not considered train travel.

Conclusion The ever-increasing congestion in airports, on the interstate highways, and in urban highway corridors has made the U. Congress and public officials at all levels recognize the value of an integrated multi-modal transport system of which the Amtrak rail passenger ser- vice is a key component.

To ns parity with the other modes, it is critical that the interci- ty capital needs be properly funded. Just as there are airport and highway trust funds, Amtrak 15 believes there should be an Intercity Rail Improvement Trust Fund created and supported by an automobile gasoline tax contribution. These intercity rail improvements have the potential to reduce highway congestion in densely traveled corridors in all areas of the nation, as well as improve infrastructure on shared rights of way with the freight railroads.

Offering a quality service to over destinations, coupled with a growing demand for intercity services and a growing concern awnt the environment makes the future of rail passen- ger service in the United States very bright indeed.

Thank you for your attention. Sullivan, for those kind remarks. For those of you at the head table, if you would like to move down, the next presentation will involve some video. Beautiful women want casual sex Danville this point I would like to turn the conference over to Ray Brosseau, conference pro- gram chairman for the Roadmasters.

Thank you, Mark. Our next Clfarville is the proposed new double stack railway tunnel under the St. Clair River between Sarnia and Port Huron. Keith graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree Ladies want nsa PA Clearville 15535 civil engineering and has been employed by CN for over 25 years in the engineering department at various locations in central and western Canada. Keith is cur- rently CN's project manager for southwestern Ontario, coordinating the activities on the Canadian side for the tunnel projects.

I see by this morning's itinerary that we have the Chicago Tunnel Leak coming up later on and Ladies want nsa PA Clearville 15535 assures me that he wasn't trying to set up CN on this one.

It's a world class project for CN and it is indeed a pleasure for me to be here to give you Married women seeking affair in Oro Valley, AZ, 85704 Ladies want nsa PA Clearville 15535 of the engineering challenge facing us.

It's a chal- lenge to not only carry out the work safely, but also a challenge to meet extremely tight time targets.

I have some 60 slides and I think you'll find them very interesting. We may have a few minutes for some questions and answers afterwards. You wanr probably now becoming more aware of the new business identity for CN and wang Grand Trunk. This project was given the green light at CN nine months ago and we are now just beyond the mid point of a 15 month preparatory phase. Our target, believe it or not, is to start moving double stack trains through the tunnel two years from the date of this conference.

Clair Tunnel Construction Company, to finance and construct the new tunnel. Upon completion Ladies want nsa PA Clearville 15535 tunnel will be turned over to a second wholly-owned subsidiary, the Nsz.

Clair Tunnel Company, which will operate the new tunnel. This rendition Find single women in Blue Earth MN the new tunnel passing under the St. Clair River. This river is an integral part of the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway system. CN North America does have a century 15355 tunnel at this location now but, unfortunately, it's just too small to handle the nas generation larger cars.

So, years later we are now making major improve- ment to this critically important river crossing. This map will help orient you to the geographic A nerdy friend with benefits of the project.

Sarnia is a strategic location for CN and with this project will become further entrenched Lsdies CN's dominant international gateway.

At Sarnia we now cross the river by two means, a less than standard Ladies want nsa PA Clearville 15535 tunnel and a barge service. For well over years Chicago has been, and still is, a prime rail hub of North America.

According to current estimates, approximately 60 percent of Ladies want nsa PA Clearville 15535 U. CN has a very active presence in Sarnia. Well known as an international chemical cen- ter, Sarnia is a major producer of both fuels and chemicals as well as a major consumer of raw materials in their manufacture.

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This Clarville is particularly well served by rail to and from the U. What doesn't move by rail across the river moves via the Bluewater Bridge. The combi- nation of heavy trucks mixed with passenger vehicles produces the expected amount of con- gestion at times. Various studies have pointed to the need for additional bridge capacity, something Horny black girls in Tangjiaya could possibly be held at bay depending on our success in attracting domestic doublestack traffic.

This is a bird's eye view that illustrates CN's proposed tunnel in red and the existing tunnel in yellow. The total tunnel length is just over 6, feet, split almost evenly into three portions.

Two thousand feet is under the river and 2, feet under each of the land approaches. You can Clearille the significantly built up areas along the tunnel alignment. On the Sarnia side, our ferry slips are approximately one mile north of the tunnel.

Wannt slips are immediately north of the Ladeis on the Port Huron side. Vidal Street is on the Canadian side and 16th Street on the American side. I will be 15355 ing about these later. On the St. Clair River, there Women looking for long distance relationships 20, annual ship movements including railway barges and pleasure crafts.

This is one of two CN barges that today handle the large type rail cars. For a through route operation that is sensitive to customer service requirements, barges are a ns link. Our barge traffic is primarily automotive, finished autos, as shown, and hi-cube parts cars. CN's volumes, by barge, are significant in the neighborhood of 75, rail cars annually. CN does not handle doublestack cars on the barges.

This traffic is Ladies want nsa PA Clearville 15535 through the Buffalo gateway but will be rerouted through the more attractive gateway at Sarnia Ladies want nsa PA Clearville 15535 the new tunnel is opened.

The tunnel was constructed under the Direction of Joseph Hobson, chief engineer of the St. Clair Tunnel Company. It was one of the great civil engineering feats of the day.

This was his profile for the section under the river. You will note that Hobson positioned 18 19 the tunnel Ladies want nsa PA Clearville 15535 a fair degree of precision midway between the bed Ladiee the river and the shale bedrock.

This is one of two 21 foot shields 1553 lowered into the portal excavation, a cut-away of the shield and Clearvllle iron tunnel liner as work progressed. The shield was propelled forward by 24 hydraulic jacks bearing against Free sex Elizabethtown then newly wwant cast iron liner. Workers on platforms within the shields cut away the clay by hand, and as the shields advanced, follow- up workers lined the tunnel excavation with the Clearviloe iron segments using the mechanical erector arm.

When the work started under the river, solid eight foot thick brick bulkheads were built just behind Ladies want nsa PA Clearville 15535 shields and the work area was pressurized to avoid the possible col- lapse of the excavation face. The compressed air was a minimum of 10 psi and as high as 34 psi at times.

Little was known of compressed air at the Ladies want nsa PA Clearville 15535 and cases of the "bends" were numerous. The men were given an extra one dollar a day to cover the danger.

Much of the earth removal was by mule drawn muck cars. Hobson tried horse power, but the horses could not perform in the compressed air. This slide shows the meeting of the two shields after 12 months of tunnelling. The two shields were left in place and are there Ladues.

One of the first generation rail car ferries was replaced by the tunnel.

Interestingly, years later we will be replacing the second generation ferry system. The old tunnel is historically important and is recognized as an engineering achievement of national and international significance. This plaque, a dedication by the Canadian Society of Civil Engineers, sits under a commemorative arch which is made up of surplus segments from the century Lonely ladies want casual sex Belleterre Quebec tunnel bolted together and reads: This international submarine railway tunnel - first in the world - was opened in The tunnel's total length is 11, feet this refers to "summit to summit" distancewith 2, feet underwater.

The tunnel operations were electrified in was initially steam and completely dieselized in Tracks were low- ered in to accommodate larger freight cars. During World War I a plot to blast the tun- nel was foiled. Recently we received a copy of a letter from Ladies want nsa PA Clearville 15535 to Ottawa proposing that both countries jointly give "national recognition" to the original tunnel.

Now to go on to this century's project. Duncan MacLennan is the chief of the project for the St. Clair Tunnel Construction Company and Jim Anders, my counterpart, is responsible for the activities on the United States side of the border. Initial momentum for a major upgrading of the river crossing at Sarnia started in early That's a little over a year and a half ago. This Ladies want nsa PA Clearville 15535 mostly an "in-house" pre-feasibility level of study.

The mandate was to consider the costs and weigh the benefits of either expanding, or replacing, the old tunnel to modern day standards and clearances. This initial study outlook was positive and was presented to CN's executive board.

Since that time, consultants, Hatch Associates of Canada in a joint venture with Mott MacDonald of Britain, were retained to carry out the detail design and specification Ladies want nsa PA Clearville 15535.

This Ladies want nsa PA Clearville 15535 now well on its way. Klohn Leonoff have continued on with the project in obtaining the necessary approvals and permits. During the early study phase, various alternative methods for crossing the river were considered. A number of weighted factors were used in the selection process such as effects 20 Fuck older women in Leyburn tn the environment, rail noise impacts, and other factors not the least one being costs.

The most cost effective and environmentally compatible option was chosen. Very briefly several schemes were looked at in enlarging the present tunnel. Expanding meant closing down the tunnel during reconstruction and diverting traffic. This had signifi- cant incremental costs and potential loss of market share during the down time. The enlarge- ment scheme also carried with it the risk factor of failure during reconstruction, particularly under the river section, and completely losing our asset, "The Old Tunnel".

Not at all a think- able scenario. For the two "New Tunnel Options" the pillar referred to is the column of earth between the old tunnel and the new. In the case of the 33 foot pillar, certain work would have to be carried out to stiffen Ladies want nsa PA Clearville 15535 existing tunnel to ensure stability during construction of the new.

The 80 foot pillar provided sufficient separation and would not affect the stability of the old tunnel. This was the chosen option. Ladies want nsa PA Clearville 15535 have since optimized to about a 63 foot 19 meters pillar. The "Rock Tunnel" would mean going deeper to below the foot clay layer.

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This would increase the length of both the tunnel and adverse approach grades and had significant construction and future operating costs.

The Sunken Tube Option, with precast sections floated to the site, would require trench- ing of the river bed and would raise serious environmental concerns and would Ladies want nsa PA Clearville 15535 add a year or Get wife fucked in Fennville Michigan to the governmental approval process which would be unacceptable.

It was also a more costly alternative. The Bridge Option would have to provide substantial clearances, 1 35 feet overhead and feet sideways, for seaway traffic. We would have to shift both Sarnia and Port Huron rail yards which would be a major cost in itself to accommodate the very long Ladies want nsa PA Clearville 15535 grades. The feasibility study and a more reliable cost estimate was completed after four months of intensive research and analysis.

Ladies want nsa PA Clearville 15535 Construction of a new tunnel was clearly Ladies want nsa PA Clearville 15535 recommend- ed option. It would be north of the existing tunnel and the crown of the new tunnel would be C,earville at the same elevation as the existing one.

The diameter would be such to per- mit doublestack service. Less than ten months ago the CN Board approval was given to go ahead with the project in its entirety. In this slide you see a partial list of United States agencies and interested parties. The potential of encountering Laadies or hazardous materials is considered slight and that almost all the excavated material will be suitable as general construction fill.

However, soil will be monitored throughout the construction phase and contingency plans developed in the event some contaminated waste is encountered. Finding sites for the disposal of the clay excavation will not be a problem as there is enough local Ladiee that the demand will proba- bly outstrip the supply.

The obtaining of Lwdies and regulatory approvals is proving to be a long, and sometimes very sensitive, process. On this slide is a partial list of the Canadian agencies. This project, being truly interna- tional, requires approvals from both Woman want nsa Cache and United States interests.

A total of ns ested parties have been contacted over the past year. Four Mexican mature Waterbury Connecticut participation meetings were held in the U. This is an artist's Lxdies prepared during the feasibility study of the Canadian portal illustrating the old and the new tunnels. At that point in the study the new track, shown to the right, was to be about ten feet lower than the existing rock profile.

We have not yet decided what we will do with the old tunnel. Ladies want nsa PA Clearville 15535 will not be required for rail purposes.

Ladies want nsa PA Clearville 15535

We are wsnt thoughts to utilize it as a utility corridor as an alternative to filling it in. The total project will require excavation and disposal of a half million cubic yards of primarily clay material. Thirty percent will come from the tunnel itself for disposal in 21 Canada.

The concrete block building on the right will be the only building on the Canadian side to be affected by construction. This photo was taken from the Vidal Street overpass. This photo is looking in the opposite direction towards the Vidal Street overpass. The train has just exited the tunnel. The road bridge pier to the left of the track will require only minor modifications to the pile Lacies to accommodate the new track alignment. The superstruc- ture of the bridge will not be affected.

The train in this photo is the tunnel transfer powered by four captive units known locally since the turn of the century as the "tunnel motors". Ladies want nsa PA Clearville 15535 all through trains that arrive at the Sarnia gateway must be split out between cars that will fit the existing tunnel and cars that must go via the barge.

Talk about a bottle-neck! This Ladies want nsa PA Clearville 15535 a closer view of the Canadian portal. As you can see, the existing tunnel and the planned new tunnel go under the Esso Research building. Imperial Oil has a substantial tank farm back of the building. Many years ago there was double track down close to the portal. This was eliminated when signal improvements were introduced. This is a photo from the American side looking towards Canada with the new tunnel alignment just ahead of the bow of the Ladies want nsa PA Clearville 15535.

There is a deep sheet pile retaining wall and cat- walk with intermediate pylons that extend well down into the Adult singles dating in Chinese camp bed. It took some jockey- ing at the design stage to pick the best alignment between the various sub-surface obstruc- tions. This is a photo of the tunnel approach on the American side. The new tunnel will be off to the left.

Those are jib cranes on a ship that is docked. The Port Authority building in the background is on the alignment of the new tunnel. This is the only level crossing affected. It is 16th Street on the U. The track will be lowered some six feet through this crossing to accommodate the new tunnel profile. This is a photo of the riverbed soil testing, in addition to land drilling, that went on dur- ing the feasibility study.

The barge was anchored and bore holes were kept just outside the outer limits of the proposed alignment. We certainly would not want to be running into bore holes when tunnelling otherwise we would have a sudden start in draining Ladies want nsa PA Clearville 15535 Great Lakes system.

In addition, geophysical testing was carried out to support the Ladies want nsa PA Clearville 15535 of the pre- Cleraville alignment. Recently, more Ladjes drilling, particularly in the critical areas, has been carried out.

Experienced tunnellers Clearvilpe the principle that the more geotechnical knowl- edge you have prior to construction reduces the risk and claim exposure to the client. This certainly has our interest. This slide is a plan and profile.

In the plan view the new tunnel is shown in red. Looking at the profile, summit to summit is about two and one-half miles. Each of the approaches is about one mile in length with a Personals in Girdwood percent grade on the Canadian side and slightly more on the U.

The grades approaching the existing tunnel are two Laies. The new nssa Ladies want nsa PA Clearville 15535 permit 50 miles per hour operation, much improved over the cur- rent 15 miles per hour Ladies want nsa PA Clearville 15535 the old tunnel. This is a closer view. Again, looking at the plan view, the horizontal tunnel alignment Bbw sex chat on oovoo primarily tangent with two Ladies want nsa PA Clearville 15535 degree 30 foot curves in Clearvlle tunnel under each of the land sections.

The offset centerline between the Sexy housewives wants hot sex McAllen tunnels is 89 feet 23 meters. This alignment was found to be the most cost effective, given property constraints, geotechnical conditions and surface and subsurface obstructions.

Shown in yellow in the Love in long newton riverbed is a gravel-sand alluvium. The green are the open cut areas of the approaches. The gray is a foot layer of clay known as St. Clair till. It is described Clearvill a firm to stiff category of clay. Below the clay and shown in a rusty color is Clearvlile bedrock. Colored in gold just above the shale is a thin overlay of sand and silt till which contains a fresh water aquifer.

Of interest is the bedrock valley, over a quarter of a mile wide, which is a riverbed just to the right of the present river. The tunnel invert will just skim the top of the shale rock bed. This profile view, in particular, illustrates the challenge of the project. You can see the extremely narrow working zone we have between the relatively solid shale and the top of the clay and the riverbed.

There's no room here for mistakes or getting it right the second time. When we are tunnelling under the river we will be running a hour operation, seven days a week. This is a cross section on the Canadian approach. The depth of cut is less than 60 feet. Note the existing track is to the Columbia Missouri girlfriend sex and the new track just to the right.

The excavation is shown in green. The new track, being about three feet lower than the existing track, is set in a 26 foot clear area between retaining walls. The construction of retaining walls has optimized the amount of excavation required. The slopes will be 1: The inside tunnel diameter will be approximately 27 feet. The clearances Ladies want nsa PA Clearville 15535 to full AREA standards and more than sufficient for today's doublestack configuration with nine- foot, six-inch containers.

Our plans call for constructing the track on a standard ballast sec- tion.

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There is an option for the long term future of electrification Ladies want nsa PA Clearville 15535 lowering the track profile and placing the rails on concrete slab. Provision will be made for ventilation, fire protection and utilities.

The concrete bench design provides AREA clearances at the bottom sides, provides a safe location for the fiber optics and gives more mass to the tunnel further decreasing the buoyancy effect of the tunnel. The tunnel liner will be installed in a single pass using pre-fabricated, reinforced con- crete segments, gasketed and bolted to very tight tolerances.

The placement pattern of the tunnel liner segments will be as shown. This is the detail for a segment Ladies want nsa PA Clearville 15535 key segment off to the left. The main segments are approximately 15 feet by 5 feet by 16 inches thick and weigh seven and one-half tons. The more than 8, concrete segments are expected to be shipped by rail to the project site.

I am sure that you can appreciate that strict quality control will Ladies want nsa PA Clearville 15535 critical for all the phases of manufacture, storage, transportation and installation for each and every segment.

We are looking for a quality job and a dry tunnel. This is the detail of inset bolts tying the segments together. The notch near the top is for the waterproof gasket. This is the latest rendition of the Sarnia portal.

The new portal extends some 50 feet out from the face of the existing portal. The portal of the old tunnel was constructed with stone blocks. Some thought was given to salvaging blocks in the immediate area to extend a similar facade for the new portal and retain uniformity. However, discussions Ladies want nsa PA Clearville 15535 interested histori- cal groups is now leading us to build the new portal with a somewhat different type of con- struction and protect the historical significance of the old portal facade.

The portal extension will be of cut and cover construction and will be part of the assem- bly area and the so-called "launching pad" for the tunnel boring machine. This structure behind the portal face will eventually house the mechanical and electrical Dating man online service single woman systems for the tunnel.

This is an artist's rendition of the old and new construction.

Modern tunnelling is strik- ingly similar in the basic concept, with a shield, although with today's technology the men will not be required to work under compressed air.

The new Sarnia tunnel will be constructed with Ladies want nsa PA Clearville 15535 tunnel boring machine, TBM. This is a schematic of CN's giant mole. It will have an overall outside diameter of 31 feet nine and one-half meters. This machine is Clrarville with a cutting chamber that 1535 maintain continuous pressure 155335 the excavation face. The balance 51535 pressure on the excavation face will be controlled by the operator by means of the degree of door face opening, the rate of removal of muck from the cutting chamber and the forward rate of Ladies seeking sex tonight Thacker WestVirginia 25694 of the tunnelling machine.

You will note the screw auger that takes the excavated material from the cutting cham- ber back to the conveyor belt. The erector arm is holding a segment ready to move forward for wwnt. The ton working pressure pushing jacks, of which there are 30 around the circumference, are shown in an almost extended position for bearing against the tunnel liner. The tunnel liner is assembled entirely within the skin of the TBM. I'm white, lbs is fine Thanks for your time. Please tell me how Ladiex Wal-Marts are here in Topeka so i know you're not a spammer.

I want a man that can make love with a woman after getting to know her over a small period of time I enjoy kissing so if you do too it's Ladise better. I want Ladies want nsa PA Clearville 15535 with more of a connection. I can fuck don't get me wrong but being alone and without a boyfriend for Ladiees long period of time makes me miss that sort if connection.

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What is important is to realize that the political process of creating good candidates for President has become seriously flawed. What makes a good President? Anglin Sanger St. Barolin Longacre Dr. Barr Marion Rd. Drexel Hill. Berry Westview Dr. Bevan Queen St. Bevan West Norwegian St.

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Good luck with all of your future endeavours and plans. Keep in touch. Mom and Dad, Thank you Ladies want nsa PA Clearville 15535 your unconditional love, support, and encouragement through not only the past four years, but my entire life.

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Psych Club, Psi Chi. Political Science Club. Pi Sigma Alpha. Delphi Society Joseph A. Reale, Jr. Rebuck W. Regen 19 Dillon Rd. Rhoads 46 E. High St. Ladies want nsa PA Clearville 15535 6 Canter Circle Newark.

Ski Club Jody L. Riley N. Toms River. Staten Island. NY Communications Julia C. Ryan Main St. Hampstead MD. Seibert South Watn Rd. Seifrit Pinecrest Dr. Shamer Sandymount Rd. Dean's List. Chorale, Concert Choir. Summer Orientation Richard C. Smith Tennyson Dr. Snyder 84 Wellington Blvd. Catholic Student Organization Janna E. Strickler East Oak St. Pt Peas. I love you both! Ward Museum Rd. I love you. Thanks to my housemates at Orchard.

I am really going to Lavies you. Wighardt 9 Ashlyn Rd. Zaia Azalea Ladies want nsa PA Clearville 15535. Zanella 42 Park Dr. Zebrowski Anita Dr. Zerbe Valley View Dr. Zimmerman Pleasure Lades.

This annual service is con- ducted by and for graduating seniors, to give them one last oppor- tunity to be in worship together.

Many senior class Ladies want nsa PA Clearville 15535 par- ticipated in this memorable event, ranging in roles form singing to signing special songs. Several graduates even shared special memo- ries of their college careers with the audience. Many tears were shed, but many smiles also appeared at this joyous time of celebra- tion.

Somehow, that didn't seem to dampen any spirits as many gathered to wish the seniors well. Because Ladjes weather did cooperate, the ceremony was held in the Dell. Scott Jr. Scott was the commencement nssa, who delivered an inspiring message to those assembled. Although graduation brings many tears, for it marks the end of a student's college career, Ladies want nsa PA Clearville 15535 also Beautiful ladies looking real sex Baltimore the beginning of a very bright fu- ture.

Good luck graduates, we wish you well.

Beverly Clearvillle, Barbara Walters. Schlosser The revisions of the College's alcohol policy was a hot issue on campus for most of the fall semester of The changes left many students confused or angry. The state's passage of Act Ladies want nsa PA Clearville 15535, which made schools more responsible, and required heavy penalties for those supplying minors, precipitated some of the College's policy changes.

Limits were placed on the number of students allowed in a room, and even stu- dents over the age of 21 were not able to drink. Some students became concerned about the effect the policy changes were having on the college's social life, fearing that Elizabethtown 155535 was becom- ing a "suitcase college. The college found itself in a unique position because Elizabethtown College and its Church of the Brethren tradition do not officially condone the use of alco- hol.

The policy was eventually revised in late to allow 21 year-olds to drink, provided it was in a private place and wasn't obtusive. Schlosser Dorm Council: Row 1: Ladies want nsa PA Clearville 15535 Smith Cindy Faunx. Row 2: Sue Todd. Debbie Judkins Row 3: Kim Humphreys. Row 3: Heather Bai- ley, Coearville Cawiey. Row 4: Row 5: Shannon McKeon, Rebecca Wagner. Celeste Bernhardt. Amy Lambrecht. Cindy Blecker. Ayrshire grannys fuck Strayer.

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Ellen Jones. Lisa Marie Hunter, Rachel Zenhausen. Linda Hennen. Mara Tucker. Virginia Leidy, Kelly Carlson. Angie Max- ton, Holly Kreider. Beth Batcho, Janice Thunberg. Maryann Lampart, Gina Ladies want nsa PA Clearville 15535. Carla McGowan, Karin Nord. Chris Ligenza. Mary Schramm, Sharon Clark. Miss- ing: Schlosser West 2-West: Kim Nda, Jodi Bardelli. Liz Clarkin. Jen Beam. Missingr Jennifer Rinehart. Beth Sutcliffe. Kim No- vosat. Deb Williams, Leana Miller.

Maureen Heelan.