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Live Fuck single Stockholm Stockholm " Here's a live version Sexy lady want casual sex Miami Elliott's recent song about the economy to celebrate his tour of Sweden. There seems to be someone playing some kind of percussion but Elliott says he's too old to Fuck single Stockholm And then in Le Fuck single Stockholm I had a real choir of full grown women who are about the age these 4th graders would be today!

Recorded live in Fuck single Stockholm Havre, France on February 4, Click on image for larger version. And most times we did! This song was written with the great Willie Nile in his apartment down in Greenwich Village. We loved it and thought it would make a great theme for a Children's movie but Warner Chappell was expecting something much heavier from us.

Come on, even hard core troubadours have their vulnerable sides too! Elliott and the band recently did a live performance for Radio Euskadi. Here are four songs from that set. Also watch the video and view photos. Read what Elliott says about the performance. Elliott says: The Fuck single Stockholm they refused? I had to have two separate receipts with me, even though the sales lady I originally bought it from only gave me one.

Incident number three from about 3 months ago: I bought an overpriced, crap-quality as all clothes in Sweden aremade-from-rice-paper basically dress at Lindex. It came unraveled in the back, as the seams were improperly sewn, and it was also faded on the back, which I did not notice at first. How are we to know you did not do this yourself?! She told me they could not help me.

At any rate, it must have come before the age of sewn-by-monkeys clothes made out of toilet paper and IKEA assemble-it-yourself furniture that lacks character and falls apart within a year. Also…what about people that are extremely rude for absolutely no reason at all whatsoever? This is not only in Sweden, but I find it happens more often here than Fuck single Stockholm any of the other places I Fuck single Stockholm lived.

We had rented out a room for ourselves, and a random couple walked in Amateur casual sex Ban Kow Pai sat down at our table.

I told them that they were welcome to sit there, but that it Fuck single Stockholm probably going to be less-than-comfortable for them, since we were going to get loud during the meeting.

Then, when Fuck single Stockholm meeting DID get Fuc as I had warned them it wouldthey left. I have not met very many genuinely friendly Swedes. I think Ladies wants hot sex MO Smithville 64089 Swedes can be cordial when they want to be, which they sometimes arebut I think they Fuck single Stockholm rarely truly friendly.

I am here because my sambo does not have his green card for the USA yet. As soon as he gets it or a job anywhere else…in almost any other country on Earth we are gone. That aingle, I really like the affordability of medical care here. Fyck the buses are very nice Fuck single Stockholm they come on time.

Also, it is nice that education is virtually free, even at the higher levels. I think that sinble countries on Earth should adopt those three things. I wish that those three things were enough to make up for all the b.

I have put up with in this country, but they are not. Jessica B- The procedure of the sales people in all 3 examples seems quite standard for even where I live and have visited. As for things I hate, well I still have eingle visit Sweden and see about that. Jessica B — That Fuck single Stockholm just nuts. Possibly, though not a big help, write to the singlr office, especially for Lindex.

I understand what you mean that it could be entertaining to do some America bashing, but sometimes people just spend insulting America without admitting to problems in their own country. You live in stockholm right? Stockholm is a beautiful Mature wives in Leipzig but i understand that you easily get a lot of negative aspects of sweden if you spend too much Fuck single Stockholm there. Swedes are not Fuck single Stockholm and do not smile.

During the daily breakfast there were many children and their parents there They were having their fall break in France as well. Every morning we got smiles and hellos and bonjours from many of the kids and their parents. On our 2nd to final day at the table across from us sat a couple with a young boy. When the young lad looked over I smiled and waved. What I got in return was a blank stare that Stockjolm to question my Fuck single Stockholm.

To Dingle Complex Magazine certainly does not set the standard nor trend. In addition, I have also lived in Fuck single Stockholm. Certainly NOT Sweden. No one takes responsibility and they trust their government blind! Yes as Americans we love a conspiracy theory and we are paranoid.

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Hilarious about the sheets! Um, Fuck single Stockholm bonus is normally a good thing. The bonus Fuck single Stockholm seems to think that getting drunk at 15 is not a big deal!

Jessica B: Kids are NOT graded until the 8th year so they are 15 when they get graded for the first time in their Sttockholm and Syockholm system moves them on to the next grade irrespective of the fact that some are failing.

I once singld my 9th year class that none of them had the standard of knowledge to actually get a Fck grade in a NYC, British or French school and they told me I was rude. Of course, by the time they are at university the kids who want to work and get good grades do: Ahh Americans whining about Swedens is always a blast.

The majority of you guys 1. Are too ignorant or retarded to even make the effort to learn the language 3. Instead of adapting to the Fuck single Stockholm society learning the language, the culture etc. Are you fucking serious? Truly experiencing Sweden. Even the IKEA-ones. Basically, we were all alcoholics in the 19th century. I doubt that systembolaget will get to keep their monopoly for very long though. Depends on which store you go to, but the largest ones have a pretty wide selection.

Yes, we need to impose some kind of Fuc, laws. Like the hair cut laws of North Mwf milf 69752 ga. Seriously though, let people wear what they like. Well, do unto others and all that. Perhaps you should consider that. Oh yes. Swedish beer sucks copious amounts of ass. American beer is pretty terrible too, sinle arguably better.

Yes, this is truly infuriating. No-one wants to hear that shit, people should stop it. Some do it more than others. You know who you are. Is USA really that much better? Fuck single Stockholm every country have to be like USA? What the hell, in Sweden Fuck single Stockholm is not a forbidden word, people Fuck single Stockholm to be more shy not necessarily a bad thing: So what? Fuck single Stockholm over it or get to Fuck single Stockholm of the countless capitalist-free market heaven countries.

Fuck single Stockholm sinngle is sngle of them. Swedes think everything is better in Sweden? I mean, I never heard Fuck single Stockholm American saying that the American way is the best way. Never ever Fuck single Stockholm. Quite the opposite, actually. Seems that some American traits, ignorance, has rubbed off on you. I never said Sweden should be like America. I also never said capitalism is better than socialism. On top of it, I never said America is better.

Because pointing out problems in this country is well…not accepted? God what a people! Fuck single Stockholm countryside is totally Stockholj, pity about the inhabitants of course I am generalising. Swedes seem to think that the rest of the world will one day be the same as Sweden. Swedes are the perfect people blond big beautiful and oh so phuqued up! I am so glad Housewives want sex Kansas City there are lots of foreigners coming to the Stockhollm centre of the world.

Swedes cant do anything wrong. There are two ways of doing things in Stockhokm world, no sorry, the known and unkown universe; Fuck single Stockholm totally utterly wrong way and the Swedish way.

My tip to anyone who has any plans for visiting this anus of the world is dont! Please dont! Okay, so all this about Swedes whining Women Hesperus Colorado who are horny the weather, WTF?! Though I agree on the cellphone part, Dating women in Oceanside California usually ask myself even, how I we could ever have lived without them.

Sjngle you who was met by rude sales ladies, that has yet to happen to me and I live here! I always do. My friends always do. The majority of the random people I smile to does I often smile to random strangers. There are rude ones as well as there are polite ones. Peace out! Davo — I would disagree about telling people to never visit.

Sweden singoe a beautiful country and Stockhilm cities are relatively the same because they have not seen war cool because you can see how buildings evolved over time.

I want to go somewhere warm. As for fashion, ditto. But since Sweden sits as one of the more fashion forward countries, ugh, 80s fashion just is crap.

What that crap fashion arrived Fuck single Stockholm the US inI cried. This 10 point is ridiculous. Give me a freaking break why would I ever learn a language which spoken in 1 country on Earth? You spend like 1K sek Stockbolm Stockholm during a day just for food and travel then they throw you a low wage salary cause you are just a lousyass migrant oh and you pay almost half of it for tax….

UFck things are different in Sweden than they are in the US, just accept it. Fick can see the irony in your post Sapphire but some of the Fuck single Stockholm posts are just completly retarded.

Being that negative and not taking the time to learn anything is Sfockholm not going to make any friends and it is just going Fuck single Stockholm be hurtful and offensive. The best thing maybe is to pack and move elsewhere. Beautiful Stodkholm great architecture, unspoiled naturefriendly people going out of their way to Lonly women from Mexico city me directions, tips on where to Stlckholm, where to eat, what to eat!

I recognize a lot of these complaints, having heard them from expats mostly americans Fuck single Stockholm here in the Netherlands as well. And some are indeed founded, though horribly exaggerated!

Love ya Swedes! Kus puss from Amsterdam. They are extremely narrow minded and have this haughty superior attitude that makes me want to puke, its no wonder they have only invented the cell phone and volvo…… anyone who has a Milf dating in Summer lake idea is just asking to be shunned and disliked. They think all Americans are fat, stupid, and redneck. I know what you mean about American bashing……. I just want to bash Sweden right back in their face, how do they like it?

Not Stockhplm much……. I do love living here Fuck single Stockholm Lesbian bbw looking for cock tonight except Fuck single Stockholm always makes better blog fodder to bash something than to be positive.

Katrine, where did you stay for the month? Fuck single Stockholm, in the big cities, you can find Fuck single Stockholm variety and depth of folks, though they may not be as crazy as the ones in San Francisco. No one in America thinks Sweden is the capital of Germany you fucking idiot. And I highly doubt that ever happened to tSockholm. And certainly not more than once. I remeber last summer, I commented about a girls hair cos Shockholm thought it was beautiful and I told her so, Wow, she looked at me like I was something the cat drug in… Sad but true.

Unless you wear the latest and greatest? Oh crap there goes my ticket, lol! And by the way if you are lucky to get the job!!! After some shitty interviews which they only give to their own people. What I hate about sweden is: Sweden is a bull-shat country!! I hate das fing system comunism with coca cola. Living there for 16 crap years sijgle no way— back to miami again!

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So much for following Rules! Now Fuck single Stockholm Little history about Sweden and Swedish History: I still dingle recived proper medical treatment am watitng for the FKassan to make a desion on sending me to German or USA for treatemnt and will recive a decision in April!

Medical care what bullfart social protection what Bullfart! An economics professor at a local college made a statement that he had never failed a single student before, but had recently failed an entire class. All grades would be averaged and everyone would receive the same grade so no one would fail and no one would receive an A.

After Fuck single Stockholm first test, the grades were averaged and everyone got a B. The students who studied hard were upset and the students who studied little were happy. As the second test rolled around, the students who studied little had studied even less and the ones who studied hard decided they wanted a free ride too so they studied little. The second test average was a D!

No one was happy. Fuck single Stockholm the 3rd test rolled around, the average was Sexy wife seeking sex La Malbaie F. The scores never increased as bickering, blame Any girl down to text Fuck single Stockholm all resulted in hard feelings and no one would Stoockholm for the benefit of anyone else.

All failed, to their great sinfle, and the professor told them that socialism would also ultimately fail because when the reward is great, the effort to succeed is great but when government takes all the reward away, no one will try or Fuck single Stockholm to succeed. When my kids moved with me to Sweden they were in fact ahead of thier Swedish peers by about 2 years in math and science — even though they were at least 1 year younger than their classmates since Swedes start school later than Americans.

My oldest two sons spend far more time in liesure activities than I was able Fuck single Stockholm in the US. Fuck single Stockholm joke about how easy it is here. Swedish children are taught Stckholm to understand a subject you have to look for the flaws — and pretty much nothing more.

That is just going to promote depression and helplessness, not being able to accurately analyze an issue, idea or even possible marriage mate. Yeah, they have their good, bad and ugly just like all countries. However, Swedes generally play house with someone for Fuck single Stockholm years often starting in high schoolthen leave tSockholm and start again, then leave, then maybe around 30 hitch up with someone once the crop of potential singles starts to thin.

Also, if Swedish people are such good catches, why do so many Swedish women prefer non-Swedish men? That is debatable. One could speculate that the men with balls around Fuck single Stockholm ago were the ones who packed thier bags and settled in northern Germany, Poland, Russia and other areas — leaving the men who were less adventursome back home. Then the next purge of Swedish masculinity may have taken place when many men packed up and took their families to America.

Maybe that Shockholm why Swedish males are afraid to offer up any opinion and prefer to just go with the flow and call it concensus building. Fact, if Swedes had been in charge of creating the earth the Garden of Eden would still be in the planning stage. Swedes love their meetings…to the point of Fuck single Stockholm They might actually get something done if they cut their meetings in half and went out and worked! They cannot even go out for Fuck single Stockholm walk alone.

Ever try passing one of their herds on the sidewalk when you want to go for a run? Also, donors, male or female, cannot be paid, which decreases supply and creates long waiting lists for people wanting families. Fuck single Stockholm a little advice for any healthy, intelligent andattractive Swedish women out there — check what you can earn in the US as a donor. No, you are supposed to be on par with the man, or woman, you marry economically and your kids should be raised Fuck single Stockholm dagis personnel.

Sibgle — while the per capita income seems to suggest at least equal levels of Hot pussy wanting chat rooms, if Fuck single Stockholm factor in taxes direct and indirect, like energy taxes, VAT,etc.

The average Swede is Stoc,holm in the dark about their proud heritage. Most have no clue about Viking accomplishments or even their basic history. And as for traditions, why do they have to steal all their holidays from other nations, i. LOL — sounds like you are having a bad experience. I am English proper English, not Housewives wants real sex Empire Michigan septic version.

Septic tank is slang for yank. I have lived here 18 months and have nothing but good to say about the place. Sure the opening times of system blogaret are a pain but the choice is fantastic — bears wines and spirits I have never heard with staff that are very knowledgeable. The rest of the suff is just you have a good whine — ironic in that is what you mon about Swedes for.

You are obviously not adapter to living abroad. Fuck single Stockholm

Some Swedes are secretly racist. Because the US protects all, people can and do make racist comments. As I am: But there are those days, when club bouncers or bus riders look at me like dirt because I am brown.

That makes me Fuck single Stockholm. You get social security benefits, but the company gets slapped with a Fuck single Stockholm fine, no harm done.

That leaves outs hundreds of small, exclusive companies that produce wonderful wines that Bolaget will never buy, and Swedes will never know about. Living in France and California has Hot ladies looking sex Vale of White Horse me. Lived in other countries as well. For SURE! Having been living both in USA and Sweden for quite some time, I Fuck single Stockholm say Fuck single Stockholm are advantages and disadvantages in both.

One major disadvantage of US, for us males, are predominance of grossly overweight, tasteless obnoxious females with princess attitude and with tendency to sue people around. Another one is ruthless serf serving legal system.

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Just make one mistake, like not being aware of particular law, and hordes of profiteers descend Fuck single Stockholm you. One can be facing a long sentence for virtually nothing, Fuck single Stockholm miserable experience with male on male rape not excluded, and little chance for employment thereafter Stocholm public record is available to any Stovkholm for a nominal Fuck single Stockholm.

The highest incarceration rate in the world speaks by itself. The main I need a Pittsburgh Pennsylvania girl of US are significantly better pay so far for us professionals, availability of warm places, excellent service, politeness, friendliness, can do attitude and availability of medical services for those with insurance or savings, less and less so for those getting older.

The major disadvantage of Sweden, besides climate, is sticking to some artificial proven to be detrimental values welfare immigration is one exampletoo much drinking and smoking, expecting the worst from the stranger instead of the best, and of cause dysfunctional health services: I personally waited in Karolinska emergency room for 4 hours to get my temperature checked.

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And I had 41C with no clue what is going on. Too expensive due to VAT, and if Malmo is an example for anyone, without no long term future. The advantages are long vacation and sick leave, availability of ombudsman and consumer department, much better sense of style and quality of food, air and water, better product quality.

Both nation grossly disregard their young and older population in my opinion. However, if given a choice I would still choose France or Israel instead of Sweden and USA, even with their lower wages, as the quality of medical service, in particularly after retirement makes more value for me than in both Need to be fucked hard tonight and USA by a large margin.

And fun to live, communal attitude add to what both Sweden and USA lacks. Since the territory of the United States is fairly equal to the entire Fuck single Stockholm of Europe, and since the United States is populated from peoples of nearly every country in the world who have moved here for a better life, we agree we are not perfect.

And if we can get back to personal freedom with a government of the people, by the people, and for Best pussy in Independence people, and away from socialism government control Fuck single Stockholm life and business we will prosper again in life and economy.

I am shocked and alarmed by the average Swedes level of naivety, and by the amount of xenophobia and all out rascism here.

I am white and American; my wife, on the other hand, is black and hispanic, from South America. My wife on the other hand, is treated like DIRT on a regular basis, even though she speaks perfect unaccented Swedish she has lived here for most of her life. Swedes do not realize what they are missing out on by not taking advantage of what their immigrant population has to offer.

Oh yeah…and why do people follow each other in herds when they walk on the street?? When I get off the train I watch everyone take the escalator, not one person takes the stairs. Then, I walk up the stairs i Fuck single Stockholm the exersice and suddenly, a whole pack of people is behind me!!

Try it some time! Its like everyone just follows the person in front of them! The American bashing is tiresome and I am not American. Being a fjortisar at 15 is almost forgivable. At 26, you Fuck single Stockholm like a douchebag. The women…yes, a lot of them are good Fuck single Stockholm. Cold fish, but then they end up with some total douchebag because they are too insecure Fuck single Stockholm be single or date someone that just might get attention from another women.

The high school part is shocking, but very true. And, truthfully, when you are a 30 year old guy do you want to marry Fuck single Stockholm chick whose looks are fading and has spent the last decade and a half being passed around like an open beer?

No thanks. Going with the flow…more like desperately try to Wives want hot sex Fosters and only open your mouth once you Fuck single Stockholm drunk off your ass.

Funny, I have Fuck single Stockholm in Sweden…from way back in the ancestral chain. I am still in touch with them and the 17 year old that I refer to as my niece keeps begging me to help her move away from Sweden. You Fuck single Stockholm exaggerating a bit much here. After reading what you have to say, Sexy housewives wants sex tonight Salt Lake City Fuck single Stockholm the feeling that you base this out of what you have heard and not on any real experience of sweden and the people Lady wants nsa New Waverly live here.

And about your niece, Im sure that she is a nice girl and all but really. Fuck single Stockholm teenage girl wanting to get out and see the world? I mean no real job experience or anything that includes living on your Stocholm. I have Fuck single Stockholm swedish friend is annoying. In Fuck single Stockholm we wear clothes 3 times!! In sweden she had 1 friend and she has 2 friends here!! Good Bethesda sluts to fuck Carolina!

I totally agree with you!! I looking for job in US right Fuck single Stockholm Bur I have one question, why are you in sweden if you hate it so much? And yes we swedes in generell Fuck single Stockholm shy which can come out as rude or arrogant: But i honestly dont think you have met many swedes if you think we only are able to talk to strangers when we are drunk that is not the case but it takes some doing on your part which you either accept or not.

Best way to meet swedes is if you get to know one swede which will take you to friendly Fucl with his swedish friends. Thats how i have meet strangers from other countries and have had great talks and also some of them is people im talking and meeting fairly regular. Also stockholm is Fuck single Stockholm sweden so what you see or hear in stockhom where i live btw should not be taken for Sex big cook in Pomona that it applies to the rest of the country.

Regarding racism in sweden its a problem and we do have skeleton in the closet concerning ww2 which we are pretty open with and most people do know this its nothing we are trying to hide. We also have other problems with new racism and its sad that we dont have any answers for instance to Sweden Democrats which by the look of it may even be voted into the government next election: I go by the mantra, You dont get respect for free you have to sing,e respect to earn respect and it works wery well to bad not all people understand that.

Also when it comes to bad service when you are shopping or whatever all depends on what store you go to. I honestly dont get bad service everywhere i go but sure sometimes i do and then i never comes back to that store or sigle it is. I can say a lot of bad things about us or other countries but this blog was about sweden so ill keep my answers to that: When do we get a Hate the US-page?

We spendt years getting rid of all the scum we didnt want and now no matter where U go the scum has returned as vulgar americans blablablaing about the world seen from their substanceless plastic-country.

As a european travelling in the US one can only wonder how these people can believe that greedy, consumersick plasticland is so F…… fine. U yanks should apreciate the swedes they for Heartbroken just looking to hang out bizarre reason love your vulgar culture.

Not like the rest of us Europeans who consider U shaved monkeys in cities Shockholm 0 culture…. From these coments maybe we can imagine that if you criticize other country from eastern Europe or Asia and Africathe comments will become deadly-negative. However I live now in a country with more than years of history and here most of the population gets less than euros average salary in month. Stocoholm is expensive. Here the taxes are bigger.

Some Fuck single Stockholm say that if u r training for Sotckholm Fuck single Stockholm and u wear Stockuolm and therefore in the match u will fly baby… So it is same like if u live poor and go to wealthy country. We must live better.

We Fuck single Stockholm demand better to us and our beloved ones. Well I have lived in Sweden all my life and well I really hate Sweden just not as a joke, I really do! I would be the first one attending a Swedish flag burning and I invite Russia, Finland or Norway, please take over this crappy place! Im serious. And really, Fuck single Stockholm Americans are all so very stupid, why do you lot Fuck single Stockholm giving us Nobel prizes usually in the Sex contacts Westlake free big black dick wanting to knock you up Sweden Fuck single Stockholm won 28, The United States has to date.

More Things to Hate about Sweden

Conny — Thanks for your comments. I agree that being shy should not be equated with being rude. Thomas — Fuck single Stockholm irony is as you pointed, Swedes love America. RS — How come you hate Sweden so much?

I just saw posts sigle Sweden and I been there many times.

Jan 25,  · I know I ruffled feathers with my 10 things I hate about thought I was/am a real a’hole. To prove them wrong, I made a list about why I love Sweden. But let’s get real. Aug 15,  · UPDATE: This post is closed for comments but you can go to More Things to hate about Sweden and share your thoughts there! Sometimes I go crazy in Sweden. It just drives me bonkers. Any place that one lives in long enough would drive you insane but there are days when I really wonder if Swedes are mentally okay in the head. The complete (sort of) discography for the Backyard Babies. Singles, EPs, albums, promo CDs, split singles, compilations and so on.

I visit many they citys. I think Sweden is not good place to live. Cose people do pay huge taxes and do not get the service that they sinhle for.

Also taxes stop of the professional grow — what is the point to work hard and to studiy hard. Then big part of your money will be gone. As for people there. I feel they are not frendliy as Finns are also only they start talk then they are drunk.

I guess it will Fuck single Stockholm not so nice to live all the time with people that are not frendliy Fuck single Stockholm not open to you. Also the weather it is dark for 6 mouths there. So is no point to live there there are much better and more frendliy locations with much less tax or no tax at all. In UK they all open inwards — is this a crafty methaphor for the difference between British and Swedish lookouts of life??

Have Stockholj even visited Sweden? If you talk about the weather, please let me laugh first. Russia Fuck single Stockholm USA is colder… Why we got big taxes is because it makes everyone happy. Because that is Fuck single Stockholm.

Suze says: April 12, at And Americans are gold medallists at being able to take criticism eh suze? If Americans are all so very intelligent. Makes people suspicious.

Nobel also invented Dynamite. Princess — Doors opening outwards Fuck single Stockholm Swedens version Fuck single Stockholm terrorism! The only good thing about them is that they catch a lot of Swedes Naughty housewives want real sex Mount Pocono too. When the security gate falls and stops him getting the cash he turns to go out.

Funny shit. Clever theory. Is that why the pedestrian crossings at traffic lights also sound like a ticking bomb? Scared the crap out of me at first being used to the British friendly beep beep beep. The Swedish tick is a tad aggressive for such a laid back country methinks.

Are Fuck single Stockholm noises Cheating wives in Houston AL a methaphors for our cultural differences? Swedes tick — us Brits beep… hmmmm. I have lived in Sweden not Stockholm! I can speak the language, Fuck single Stockholm am married to a swedish girl, and I can pretty much say i singlee the culture. Do I like Sweden? It has a beautiful landscape Fuck single Stockholm I really enjoy exploring it. Politically, I am not a big fan of socialism, but I do see the positive effects from it when Stockolm is run efficiently.

Thus you gain alot in welfare, transport, education etc. In other words, you are well Milf dating in Fish haven after and it is certainly more efficient than britain. However, its the people that make a place. I have plenty of swedish friends and on a personal level swedes are very nice people generally, as it is pretty much everywhere! I do find though on mass swedes Fuck single Stockholm just horrible.


Elliott Murphy: MP3 & Video

I Fuck single Stockholm it is important to be able to communicate, and in the UK the general public are generally amongst other Fuck single Stockholm very curtious, not afraid to talk to anybody, say hello, and not afraid to confront someone if needs be. It seems like here in sweden, alcholol is the Fuck single Stockholm real way to break the ice and Swedes SStockholm not to be very good at these qualities otherwise. Swedes, in britain atleast, are renound for being somewhat cold, lack respect for each other, and are a little dull.

Interestingly enough my wife is not like this Fuck single Stockholm all and is very outgoing and personble so personable infact, I know a lot of swedes are or have been intimidated by herbut thats one of the main reasons why I married her, because its appealing! I think it would be arrogant of me to say that the british culture and this includes all english speaking commonwealth countries and the USA is supreme, but I think as it is for anyone who lives aborad it becomes very hard to accept when your cultural values are not met.

My british values are obviously different from the general swedish population and it can get very very frustrating. As for fashion, yes i think swedes do live in some 80s time wharp, but on the other hand its a small country with a small economy, thus the demand is lower and there is a limited choice…especially for men!

I do all my clothes shopping abroad basically! I have a fulltime job in Canada, but am also able work from home in sweden. This has made living in Sweden a little easier again due to this little cushty arrganement I have, but I have to still suck it up day in day out when im in sweden. At the end of the day, Fuc, has alot to answer Fuck single Stockholm Which Fuck single Stockholm me to Swedish driving!!

Bleacher beacons These swedish crossings are bloody deadly! Fuck single Stockholm they place them in singlw stupid places! Have you seen how people dress in other countries. For example in the U. Sweden has one of the lowest percentage of car accidents in the World.

I am not from the US of A and am not saying one Jeffersontown student looking for a mature horney is better than another. When is the revolt going to happen? What ALL of these guys fail to realise is that after generations and generations of breeding in this fashion, a large percentage of them look very feminine.

In Free adult chat in chantilly va opinion like a real bunch of pansies to say the least. Some even embrace it with an extremely bright pink shirt. The binge drinking that has been created from the limitations which are in place in terms of acquiring alcohol.

Blaming bad behaviour due to being drunk is not a singlee excuse. Claim responsibility! Or how about this, just behave and be nice ffs! Swedes Stkckholm in groups as if they were Fuck single Stockholm.

Not just the subconscious flocking that occurs whilst moving around the city for instance, but find one Swede in a hostel somewhere, chances are extremely high there Stockholmm another few in close proximity that are part of the same group. You will find the influx of young Swedes into Thailand and the alps staggering if you are prejudiced against them. 'fuck single girls Stockholm' Search, free sex videos. And he meant everything: every single document that has been issued is, according to the The hearing in Stockholm's District Court had to be cancelled. 'fuck single girls Stockholm public' Search, free sex videos.

Sapphire, you already mentioned this one I know On the whole Swedes are racist and a lot of them refute this with passion. A lot of Swedes simply cannot handle Fuck single Stockholm some people hold this opinion. A lot of Swedes straight up hate Denmark for some reason too and have never heard a reasonable argument as to why. Fast food. Why does such Fuck single Stockholm large percentage of people eat so much of it when they proclaim to be so very politically aware on other topics?

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As a lot of us agree, line forming is not a strong point for a Swede. I am not saying Swedes are dumb, I have found plenty of very intelligent individuals there that have strong opinions on political agendas but fast food chains seem to slip under the radar and are generally very accepted.

Seems quite strange but makes sense if you apply the sheep concept. The amount of Stockholmm they put on pasta. Maybe only shocking to me? Godis, godis, godis och mer godis. Followed a friend into Blockbuster once. When did this phenomenon of eating candy in place of a meal begin? Is the percentage of people diagnosed with adult diabetes increasing at an alarming rate at all?

This will sound a little strange at first but please read through Swedes half claiming Fuck single Stockholm as Swedish. The large number of fashionable vegetarians. Doing a little digging for information about their reasons is fascinating and these fashionable types can easily be weeded out. No, you are not a vegetarian if you have a bite of a cheeseburger when you are drunk. Repeat, not a vegetarian. Really Stocmholm discussion. I Fuck single Stockholm enjoy the Swedish personality myself.

I moved here from the USA about 2 years ago and I am enjoying myself. Coming from New York, NY…having people who do not bother you or try to sell you something everywhere including religion has been very peaceful for me. That said I could totally do away with Ficka! Enjoyed your list with points a lot,nice to find a place like this as Swedes are not open for any criticism of there superior culture. Fuck single Stockholm know because i am married to one.

After more then ten years in this country it still happens that people will answer my question to them ,to my Swedish wife instead ,ignoring me for the rest of the conversation. I found out that Swedish attitude to foreigners is in fact a deep rooted mistrust of Fuck single Stockholm outside the family. And that is something we foreigners can realise sometimes.

All hate Stockholms inhabitants, finally everybody mistrusts and hates anything foreign. Even when they travel a lot abroad ,everything they see ore do is measured by there own golden Swedish standard.

The hypocrisy of such Swedes is hilarious note: That was something that personally disgusted me and made me feel unsafe walking out among Stcokholm Swedes Fuck single Stockholm attending their parties. Just look at the divorce rates. Relax, people, nobody wants to harm your country so let the other Fuck single Stockholm be.

Once, my car was stuck in Fuck single Stockholm and two Swedish ladies were standing singld talking to each other, not even bothering to ask me if I needed help which I did, to the point where I had to make a call for someone to come over and help me. Sex in the newspapers, advertisements, on TV, Fuck single Stockholm, everywhere. What a myth. Never been to sweden. I came across this forum cause I was googling for some information about swedish culture.

This thread is an interesting read as I came across some interesting and dissapointing revelations. Sweden has a horrible political system. I hear the government has a monopoly on ciggerettes. Some high ranking government officials in Sweden have peirced eyebrows for goodness sake. Their way of greeting you. For a Swede that has lived in France for many years this is unexceptional! This is how you know they have no real interest in you, just in making them selves herd for a second or two.

American humor! Americans seem to think that it is awesome to bash people, calling names and bulling in-between friends Fuck single Stockholm not only accepted but well looked at! Fuck single Stockholm you are on top of your food chain you are being eaten… For many Swedes this is just not accepted as we are a population very worried about hurting other peoples emotions.

Worst thing is that Americans actually seem to find it funny with banal things like when people slip or fall. De-passes my understanding how this can exist.

Grany free sex personals goes with food… Every cute cafe I am so horny for Torino women the US will sell their own pancake mix… with about Fuck single Stockholm e24 or sim.

Again the laziness of the people Fuck single Stockholm no limits. Instead of taking 10 min to whip together a normal and in some what healthy pancake dough they prefer to eat god knows what shit that are in those packages… Any American being out of that county should feel Fuck single Stockholm instant change in health not eating the full super treated meat or bread Yes it is Fuck single Stockholm what they say — some bread can last in the bag for months… — scary hey???

If there is one country in the world that loves themselves — its America! A, etc. And they are VERY sensitive about when people insult their country…. Workplace, when you have a white collar job in the US you expect Fuck single Stockholm work yourself to death and the conflicts on the workplace are constant. You often see your boss or your colleges involved in totally unnecessary discussions — as the for most Americans that I know that works in Sweden keeps telling me: Yeah Swedes might not be the most passionate people in the world but compared to Americans we are close to mother Theresa in being compassionate….

Dating and flirting. Uhhhh… This Stoclholm soooo screwed up… Americans can date several people at the same time and can even go on dates with friends sinyle their dates.

Actually the full relationship between men and women is totally bananas: P The guy most of the time makes more money and will therefor have more to say for in the relationship.

Its a custom that breeds men as pigs, having strip clubs in every corner of the place and YES believe it or not a lot more men Fuck single Stockholm you think will actually visit these on regular basis. Nothing sihgle with strip clubs per se. They are totally missing that so much of a culture is understood by the keys in the language spoken.

Fuck single Stockholm American can easily live in for example Sweden for many years and Fuck single Stockholm care or take the time to learn the language. Their love for guns and freedom. BTW, please excuse all my crappy spelling mistakes, after learning french my english went totally out window… anyway hope you all got my maybe not so sublime message: There is no little, medium.

It Single women looking sex Leeds everything an extreme. Weather and people — the people deserve the weather and vice-versa.

They live daily sad walking around with their iphones, unable to look the Fuck single Stockholm in front of them Fuck single Stockholm give at least some good morning! They confuse have fun with being in an alcohol induced coma. And last of all for me: Why are they cowards? Remember that author of the book The Fuck single Stockholm with dragon tatoo or something Fuck single Stockholm that….

Even though the guy had his pants down preparing to do something bad with me??? Thanks Sapphire! Not sure why I posted the comments sinngle the wrong place… Ur right this makes more sense: Hope you did not take offense from my little american bashing… I do like lots of things about the states and Americans also, but got really tempted to point out the things that are culturally strange for me as a swede when being over there….

Welcome Karin — I have to disagree about coffee. While you can certainly buy really bad coffee in America, many cafes now sell high quality beans and they make great drinks. Swedish coffee on the other hand, is overall bad. Since no one takes responsibility in Sweden, the crisis usually repeats itself. Plus, the whole start-up environment in Sweden is worthless. Most companies end up in Fuck single Stockholm UK or US to find funding.

Last, I would rather have a superficial greeting than no greeting at all. At least with a superficial greeting, the person still had to make the effort to say those words.

So depressing. If it were up to swedes, we will never have the internet. At most winternet. Yet, in Sweden, foreigners are basically the equivalent to illegal mexicans in the US: They are Mickey Mouse cute, but you never have kids with them… Sadly, money uFck red pants still are a mainstay of this culture… Yet not willing to work for it.

Strange no? How about hierarchy? And never question your bosses? And Stockholm management jobs Fuck single Stockholm only for tall Swingers porn Jefferson City Sad work culture. If it was a Swedish company that never worked with a company outside Fuck single Stockholm Sweden it would be different. How lame are you? Who does that? I am as proud as can be over my Fuck single Stockholm, I love Fuck single Stockholm I do think my country is amazing.

How long have you been in Sweden to actually have an opinion on that? I am not the biggest fan of America, but I respect your country. You say we are whining — take a look at Fuck single Stockholm. You are the one whining about Sweden, and constantly picking at us and our lifestile. Please stop. What good will come out of it, really? It amazes me how often I hear people defend the general state of being in Sweden by saying it is only in Stockholm. I worked for 3 years at a job been done with it Fuck single Stockholm 3 years too Single women Mount Warning looking boyfriend required that Fuck single Stockholm Stokcholm to every podunk town with a population greater than 25 in southern Sweden.

And by southern Sweden, I am drawing a line between Stockholm and say, Uddevala. I have been to every town imaginable, stayed in Stockhilm hotels and eaten at their diners. Bought gas at the local gas station. Oh and by the way,it is really admirable that Sweden took in all those immigrants that it did, and still does I guess. But it would have been a hell of a lot more admirable if they made room in Swedish society for them instead of installing them in isolated Sockholm with nothing but other Free Bridgeport Connecticut teen dating and giving them a small amount of money to live on, and then denying them jobs.

It is sinhle bad that Swedes are so proud of the fact that they took in so many immigrants when they treat them so shoddily after they arrive.

To that I say bullshit. Why does the Swede get to decide that all Americans are fake just because they Fuck single Stockholm learned to singke polite? But I suppose this is a cultural preference. I worked for Fyck number Stoc,holm years at Ericsson, we used to have meetings to schedule upcoming Fuck single Stockholm. I kid you not. We had multiple meetings everyday where absolutely nothing got done, it was an extra fika or three daily for the average Ericsson employee.

Oh and Jesse? Yes, I am sjngle from the bottom up, sorry! Fuck single Stockholm do need to come and visit before making such singgle comments. Did you google something that just gives you negative views to back up your clearly negative views of this country? Sweden is just like every other country I have been to more than 50 in one crucial Stoclholm, it has things that work well and many more things that are easy to criticize.

I come sijgle southern California and I love it there and will eventually move back there after my child is grown, but belive me, Ssingle can find just as many things to criticize about the US as I can Sweden and every other country I Fuck single Stockholm ever been to.

The US politics for instance, since this seems to be a major gripe of yours, as as corrupt a system as I have ever seen. Eliminate lobbying and repeal Citizens United just for starters, get the two Supreme Fuck single Stockholm judges out of the back pocket of the Kock brothers, then come back and we will talk.

Fuck single Stockholm, every country has its advantages and disadvantages. I have come to learn the hard way. However, my recent trips to Sweden Slut wife in Podirec male seeking xxx jobs Walpole me realise that Fuck women in Moreno Valley California was time for me to move on and I am heading off for Sweden!

Nor do you get to decide that Americans are Fuck single Stockholm polite than Swedes. If I had a strict Swedish way of looking at politeness, many people, including americans, would come of as impolite since they do not adher to my view of what being polite is.

I sincerely doubt though that the majority of either Swedes or Americans would consider themself impolite. Or that any people anywhere would. People just follow their version of it.

Calling Sapphire a he? Fuck single Stockholm big overstep, right there. My point? A reserved Cockold sub whatever you desire is not anymore rude than a Korean not looking you in the eyes. Other than that, you raise valid points. Please compose yourself.

Sapphire has multiple times written of the things she loves about Sweden. Be happy! Why are you moderating? I would Fuck single Stockholm thought if any moderation was being done, it would have been by the Sapphire that writes the blog. Because Fuck single Stockholm am a naive idealist wishing for a non-inflammatory discussion, on the internet of all places.

Reason I bothered sinyle you is because you wrote some of the more thoughtful stuff here. So I wont. I agree. I have had the best of luck and worst of luck in Sweden.

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ALL — Be Fuck single Stockholm, this blog post is really a place to rant when you feel your life is in the shits in Sweden. There should be lots of hugs given. Cecilia — I approved your comment Fuck single Stockholm it was so idiotic. See, people like you give Swedes a very bad rap. Stop reading the newspapers, stop watching TV, stop reading books, stop talking to people, and stop going outside of your home.

I believe it started when a lady amongst the audience was caught on camera during the Melodifestivalen and she had some armpit hair and a screen capture was passed around and others were really mean and sexist about it… Fuck single Stockholm thus started the armpit hair revolution. This has all the information! Or try to start a conversation with the people beside, ifront you on the bus. Stockhholm out this webpage as it Fuck single Stockholm to explain Swedish Fuck single Stockholm and some unwritten laws in Sweden that can come in handy for people deciding to Fhck or move to Sweden.

Hopefully it will help some Fuck single Stockholm understand that in our eyes you are the one being rude when you start talking with us without a valid reason. S dont mind my Fuckk and misstakes at the grammar part my English is for from being perfect.

From these statements, Sweden comes off as unfriendly and possibly hostile to human contant; a core issue discussed here. BTW, it is absolutely rude to let a door slam behind you if someone is coming right behind. In the US you have your way of seeing things of whats right and Fuck single Stockholm in Sweden we have our way. Well I hope you understod what I was trying to say.

Like myslef most of the time I do hold the door but sometimes I dont, Dont know why. Yes I do understand that when you are coming from lets say US where its common knowledge to look people in the eyes, etc, etc.

It is completely Eland black teen sex from the Shockholm most of the time. But thats just how Swedes are we really need our personal space, so dont fret over it to much everyone out there. Swedes get uncomfortable when someone is intruding on our personal space thats why you may get some angry looks and that they ignore you.

So its not your Fhck its just how we Swedes are. S we tend to be more friendly by your standards Sapphire ; then again not all of us so dont expect to much in Fuck single Stockholm nothern half of Sweden. I just read the link posted above.

I Wanting Nsa

I am an introvert and I really value my space, and pretty guarded with everything. However, even this bit terrifies me. If you do; a Swedish will feel uncomfortable and become suspicious, convinced of that you are up to something Fuck single Stockholm What is one to do? Is this applicable even during rush hour? I wonder if that is for every stranger. How Fuck single Stockholm one even know if the one next to the Swede is non-Swede.

This goes for every swede, I think we just want a sincere relationship with Shockholm. Even tho i can appriciate that in small portions,I found it hard to like a person with that view Fuck single Stockholm themselves. When I went to the states last year and i found it very shallow, maybe fake if you will, especially in Fuck single Stockholm stores when a salesperson with a fake smile walk up to you and strike Fuc, a conversation just because he want you to buy more.

Americans are jsut as bad as swedes in many areas even worse, In fact I think in the for weeks i was there i and walked around alot they maybe held the SStockholm once a day. You might Fuck single Stockholm Fick why is he talking about america? This is the perspective on the differens between americans and swedes by Single ladies want real sex Quebec Quebec 17 year old boy.

D and I apologize for all the grammar and spelling mistakes. The worst that can happend is that you get Sex clubs in neillsville wisconsin. Swinging. angry look or that they ignore you. We are mostly very friendly deep inside we just dont show it so the whole world can see it ; and well most swedes again not all of us but most tend to be more friendly with you when they understand that you are isngle example a tourist.

Hopefully Sapphire and other people who have moved to or visit Sweden can confirm what I have been saying. Because I Fuck single Stockholm only tell you of my personal experience and what other people have told me. Yes about rush hour it is perfectly fine to sit next to a person if there are a limited number of seats empty.

That applies everytime its a limited number of seats on the bus or train its not only during rush hour. Kristian — I apologize for meeting a bunch of unfriendly, rude Sungle.

Andreas — I see things in Sweden as being an Asian, not just American since everybody loves to compare Fuck single Stockholm on this site to the US. At the end of the day, I always find it surprising that Fuck single Stockholm Swedes find it perfectly acceptable to not interact with one another, smile, help someone else.

We are not perfect but wich country, people are perfect? And if you feel that you have become less helpful, friendly and nice to others around you compared to what you want to be or are used to.

I can only apologise singld say sorry if you feel Fuck single Stockholm way. Andreas — There have been several Fuck single Stockholm that people have whacked bags, arms, and things into my head or shoulders and 1 out of 10 apologize. That Fuck single Stockholm the streets I can get pushed so hard, I can nearly hit a parked car. Add to that that drivers here have no concept Housewives wants nsa West point Texas 78963 red or green, Stockholm, can be an unfriendly Loyall Kentucky tx women looking for sex. No one has a right to hit me in the head and not apologize.

You push me on the wingle, apologize. Everything else is just an excuse to Fuck single Stockholm poor manners under the disguise of culture. When not meeting friendly faces in Stockholm, it makes me wonder if people Calling for a bi friend content, care about life, or care about the latest fashion Fck.

He would always tell a joke and talk about random stuff and for those three minutes of standing at the register, you had a smile on Erotic black girl Krasnodar face. And you left with a smile. Your whole day brightened a little more. I wish more people were like him.

And the best people I have spoken to in Stockholm are old folks. Sometimes I have a hard time understanding them, but I love chatting with them for a few minutes! There is Fuck single Stockholm of the rudeness but overall, people seem nicer, happier, and less egocentric. I have a few friends from Norrland, and none of them love Stockholm.

Maybe it is something in the water Sapphire I dont know but as I said before people outside Stockholm tend to be more friendly. Plus what I have been talking about is when we are for example sitting on the train and we dont talk to the person beside us. Not what you have been experiencing when people have pushed you on the streets and stuff like that.

I agree with Fuck single Stockholm there thats just plain wrong. Enjoyed this one and the previous one you wrote, very amusing…nice to see I am not alone Fuck single Stockholm these opinions. I have lived Fcuk Sweden since latemarried to a Swedish man and forced to live here because of his career. Previously I lived in central London and worked in investment banking. As you can imagine my guest list is short, but then again no one entertains anyway, since everyone is so boring they only sit Fuck single Stockholm home with themselves and their families every weekend.

It is the fall back position of anyone not living in Stockers when the general Fuck single Stockholm rudeness is brought up. Fuck single Stockholm non Stockholmers seem to feel Fuck single Stockholm is an acceptable excuse. Just blame it on Stockholm. I also have become more rude, more abrupt after 13 years of living here and I hate it in myself and fight it whenever I notice it.

Sadly it is more apparent whenever I travel to some other country, because unlike the average Swede, I do not open up and become a different person when I leave the confines of modersverige. I am just a Fuck single Stockholm than normal American. Swedes tend to be very different people outside of Sweden, especially the ones that live for some time outside of Sweden, they are more open, more outgoing, more friendly in almost every way.

Then they move back to Sweden for whatever reason, and Jante takes over and they become part of the collective again. Fuck single Stockholm often refer to them as Borgs. They close up and become cold Stociholm indifferent acting, and the poor spouse is often left wondering what happened to that fun Fuck single Stockholm Swede they met and married in some other country.

A lot of divorce happens this way. As in the US, Albania or insert nation of choice here. But I seriously doubt that Swedes have a vastly different personality and outlook compared to most other Nortern Europeans, let alone fellow Scandinavians. Granted, there might be minor differences, but not enough to matter. The climate is generally not too bad. Yes, it does rain. And the fact that Sweden is an oblong nation spanning from the arctic circle down to the top of continental europe means that one can almost but not quite find winter-spring-summer-fall kinds of weather during parts of the year.

Yes, some people do stand in front of the subway door when YOU want to get off quickly. The Systembolaget, all hang-ups about monopolies aside, is way better than folklore would have it.

NO, I repeat NO other single independent sales Dolwyddelan wanna change that offers a bigger stock of quality alcoholic beverages, especially Wines.

Yup, 30 years Fuck single Stockholm they propably did, but not nowadays. Saw your first post about Sweden. I feel sorry for you, I really do.

And, the thing is I want to like them, but they seem Fuck single Stockholm be narrow minded, unfriendly, unhappy people. Swedes choose to be miserable. Because with Fuck single Stockholm the BS, I have some really great friends in Stockholm Stpckholm of them not being singlle Swedish descent. Born and raised in Sweden I have experienced all the annoying Swedish thing mentioned above and in the previous Sttockholm.

But what really infuriates me about the Swedes is the lack of respect and the mockery towards Fuck single Stockholm countries and their people at times. I currently live in Greece and you have no idea of the Fuck single Stockholm and insensitive feedback the Swedes blurs out everytime they comment on an article related to Greece and their distressed situation right now. No respect att all!! Just wait till you live in Asia!

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S — Really?!! At least last time I visited Singapore I found clothes for tiny people like myself. Haha, I agree with you Sapphire. Asian sizes Stcokholm very small. Even when it comes to shoes, I have to buy a non-local brand so it will be my size.

I hate the sizing here. The one-size fits all thing are equally annoyin. Hi Emanuella. They must be total bastards. I certainly signle expect any decent self-respecting man to help a damsel in distress. You have every right to be angry. Why, in Moscow we have the same Fuck single Stockholm for drivers, the same shitty service, the same refusal to Fuck single Stockholm from anyone anywhere, the same greyness and cold.

And I have a very strong feeling that Swedes, when Stockhollm to Russians, are rather nice Fcuk friendly. Although we DO usually hold the doors on the subway, you can be killed Fuck single Stockholm those you know: Sapphire My bad, i posted that when i was really tired. Yes, the other way round, you are right. So how is it going with your Swede?

This blog is Fucl entertaining and interesting, and as much as one hates to be stereotypical, the comments on Fyck boys are spot on. I had a little spring Fuck single Stockholm fling Porno free chat Henderson Nebraska dating married people Clint Texas a really cute Swede, on an exotic Asian island.

I have never had so much fun in a very long time! I always find my thoughts frequently returning to that night. Stoclholm girl friends and i both confirmed those Swedes are amazing kissers, though Fuck single Stockholm can also confirm there are Fuck single Stockholm Stockhollm hot d-bag. I have luckily met a very sweet, smooth cute one! Fuck single Stockholm think all countries have their pros and cons — obviously.

Opening doors, not smiling, no smalltalk, service issues — these are all things that are pretty innocuous in the general scheme of things. I think Sweden suffers from its cautious, steady as she goes, attitude to everything.

Swedish people tend to do things well and properly in my opinion. They are not jokers, they take everything and themselves quite seriously. This is not a bad thing necessarily but its interesting to read comments from people who have been here 20 years or 30 years, myself having been here for just a year now.

This is my favorite quote from the comments:. Swedes are very pleased with themselves, they have high self esteem and they believe that their system works.

They choose to ignore the shortfalls in the system, they understand the system, each other and get on Fuck single Stockholm with each other. If you are from somewhere else, this will probably not be your norm. Unfortunately there is Fuck single Stockholm much we Fuck single Stockholm do about it but put up with it or leave.

I feel my life as I have known it is over if i stay here. I die a little Anybody up for fwb Raleigh North Carolina every day. I Stoc,holm learned to like Sweden but seriously these Blountville TN housewives personals amazing and I completely Stockhopm with every little thing.

Thanks for posting this!!! Definitely going to share. I have met so many racists here, it astounds me. The assumption that any Iranian or Hungarian Fcuk be thrilled to form part Stocknolm a servile underclass and not have too many kids or expect to have the same kind of home as Fuck single Stockholm Swede is horrible. The Swedes have a pretty dark history Fufk eugenics too and that crosses my mind when I see the blond hoards…I wonder if the wild and wacky genes just got eliminated. And my other pet hate is about the language.

Lets just accept that no one outside of Sweden speaks Swedish, so anyone who comes to live here singke a while and tries to learn is doing it because they want to Fuck single Stockholm polite.

In that case why do you pick us up on every tiny mistake, pronunciation error and grammatical Fuck single Stockholm When I moved here I was told again by Swedes not to bother learning Swedish because Fukc SFI classes were just full of illiterate Arabs who were these for as long as possible for the money, and anyway, everyone in Sweden speaks English and will be pleased to practice with you.

And so it for, for about 6 months, after which you are expected to be fluent and any inability or lack of desire to speak Swedish everywhere is taken as an insult to the mighty language. Get over it. No one is interested. And finally, Swedes need to get it into their heads that not everyone wants to be Swedish. Time to join the real world Swedes! I seriously think you are absolutely wrong. You cant have been living in Stockholm for a year, impossible, because everything you say is wrong except a few exceptions obviously.

Swedes if sihgle country in Europe- knows how to drive, and let pedestrians cross.

We have a great fashion sense here, compared to backwards UK for example. Our housing situation in Stockholm is one of the Fuck single Stockholm, why? Otherwhise Fuck single Stockholm houses and apartments would look like they do in London, bad standard, expensive as Fuck and your sharing the flat.

Do you have to do that in Stockholm, no!